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Our mission at Hope Gospel Mission is to reach out to those in need in order to change their lives for the better. If you're ready to take the first step toward a better life, check out our help programs below.

Short Stay Program

The purpose of the Short Stay program is to provide clothing, food, and a place to sleep for individuals. Our Short Stay program isn’t designed to help a person if they have addiction problems or need help with chronic problems such as long-term joblessness or homelessness.

Instead, residents in our Short Stay program may stay up to 30 nights while they address short-term problems in their lives, such as transitioning between jobs or housing situations.

Sometimes a person knows that things aren’t going well in their life, but they need some time to stop and think about what’s going wrong and what path they want to take next. The Short Stay program also provides some time for our residents to review and consider whether they want the help of our long-term Renewed Hope Program.

Others may want to consider longer term options but need time to detoxify and stabilize prior to moving forward

Renewed Hope Program

This program is designed to help candidates become all that God created them to be. Academics, addictions, finances, life skills, mental health, nutrition/fitness, spirituality, and employment are all addressed to help each person holistically build a new foundation for their fresh start.

Residents who wish to enroll into this program start out in the Renewed Hope Candidacy period during which they complete assessments to establish how they can be best helped by Hope Gospel Mission. Their commitment and attitude during this time will be considered if they apply for the Renewed Hope Program.

Residents enrolled in the Renewed Hope Program are helped in 8 different areas of life. We call these “dimensions.” The program is designed so that it helps you where you most need it. A renewal counselor will be assigned to you. They will help you make and complete a plan for success in your life.

Discipleship Transitions Program

This program is designed to allow a resident to grow and stabilize for an additional year while living in a Hope Gospel Mission facility.

For those practicing renewal, some may desire additional assistance. Some may feel they are not quite ready to be on their own, some may desire to stay connected to Hope Gospel Mission’s team for additional resources, or some may desire to stay simply for financial reasons, so they might build their savings, pay off debt, or spend that money going back to school. After completing the Renewed Hope program and obtaining employment, this program is for the resident who wants to stay connected with accountability and Mission resources and continue to grow and develop themselves.

Check out our Handbook to learn more about our homes and Hope Gospel Mission:

Info Handbook

If you would like to apply for the Short Stay or Renewed Hope Programs at Hope Gospel Mission, you can either apply online or download the application through the button below.

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