Hope Gospel Mission

First of Its Kind in Western Wisconsin:
A Building Materials Reuse Center

Building Hope, a building material reuse center, is a low-cost home improvement shopping solution for contractors, landlords, developers, and homeowners. Our center provides quality new and used building materials at 40% to 60% less than retail prices and offers a tax deductible receipt for all donated reusable building-related items.

Our reuse building center accepts and sells doors, windows, kitchen and bath cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, new carpet and carpet tiles, and other miscellaneous building items in new and good condition. The next time you decide to replace or update cabinetry, doors, windows, or any other building items, please keep Building Hope in mind.

Building Hope is environmentally responsible and will divert hundreds of thousands of pounds of landfill-bound construction and demolition debris from area landfills annually.

We Aren't Just Helping to Build Homes.
We're Rebuilding Lives.

Building Hope provides financial aid for Hope Gospel Mission's program residents in the form of weekly stipends and program goal completion rewards. The residents then use this financial aid to pay down debt, pay child support, and save money that they will use to start over when they leave the program. This includes a generous emergency fund the residents receive as they finish the Renewed Hope Program so they are not living paycheck to paycheck, one crisis away from needing our assistance again. While training at Building Hope, our residents also learn key customer service skills, retail management skills, construction skills, and other experiences to help them once again become successful members of society.