Hope Gospel Mission

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When men and women come to Hope, they are hurting and in need of help from God and from others. There a hundreds of stories of lives recued, rebuilt, and renewed. Here is Brad’s story of redemption: 


"I was living by myself, isolating and covering up deeply rooted issues in my life. My Achilles heel is alcohol and I got addicted and needed help.

I’m receiving physical, mental, and spiritual help. And at age 55, I’m finally getting my GED, which is a real feather in my hat!

Spiritually, I’ve always believed in God and Christ, but would find my way back to sin and temptation. Now I’m finally starting to build the suit of armor I’ve heard about my whole life. I’m safe here and can learn the tools to help put sin behind me.

To be physically and spiritually well and to live a productive life--that's what I want. I just want to help others and have a servant’s heart."


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