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Being a part of the Hope team of volunteers, it’s been a joy to serve those in need.  Different members of our church come to serve every month in the kitchen at Hope Gospel Mission and there are so many reasons to be a cheerful servant.  This is why we serve:

  1. All of our work is an investment in God’s kingdom. Jesus says that whatever we do for these, we do for HIM.  Isn’t it great to share in bringing something to Jesus?
  2. Serving together brings us close. When we spend time cutting vegetables, boiling spaghetti, and cooking dessert for the men at Hope, we always leave closer than we came!
  3. The people we serve serve us back. After spending time eating with the guys and getting to know them, the men are always so thankful and appreciative of what we do.  They welcome us to the mission and make us feel like family.

Thanks Hope Gospel Mission for inviting us to be a part of the team and serve along side you.


Josh Rizzo
Chippewa Valley Church


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