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As part of being a Hope Gospel Mission Intern, I got to spend a few hours of my afternoon sitting in with residents at the Solomon Learning Center. It was so inspiring to sit in and observe the class as the instructor drew from student’s experiences, skills, and God given passions to create an attractive resume that they will use to get a job where they can thrive.

It was a blessing to see that the program gives residents the resources and tools they need to become job-ready. During the class they brainstormed ways to highlight transferable skills and learned what the major “Don’ts” are in a Resume, some of which I have unfortunately committed! They also were taught and trained how to craft an appealing cover letter to capture the attention of employers.

One of neatest parts for me was getting to see the many resident photos on the wall displaying their certificates and taking pride in every step of growth they complete. Everyone needs a chance to succeed and the Solomon Learning Center provides one-on-one guidance to strengthen some of the most vital job skills that employers are looking for. With the right support and plenty of hard work, every resident has the potential to achieve success in the Solomon Learning Center. 

I truly got to see firsthand "how blessed is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding" (Proverbs 3:13).

Josh Rizzo
HGM Stewardship Intern

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