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Unexpected Blessing

On a weekend before Christmas, while working at the Bargain Center, Dan was called up to the cashier area to help with a unique situation. He found that a deaf and mute woman who had received a voucher from her social worker to purchase clothing items from our store was mistakenly trying to use it to buy essential houseware items as well.

Although the woman apparently needed the items, Dan tried to gently explain to her that the voucher was only good for clothing per store policy, but she wasn’t able to understand.

After many attempts to try to better explain the situation (and with other shoppers looking on), Dan told the woman to keep her voucher for another time. He then used part of a birthday gift certificate he had received to pay for part of her purchase. At that point, two other shoppers in line stepped up and asked if they could pay for the rest of the items in her cart.

The woman, although still confused, walked away blessed by the situation. The shoppers and Dan also walked away with a blessing.

Stories like this happen because of your donations of goods. Every year, the Bargain Center provides thousands of dollars in clothing to individuals and families in need. It also supplies the clothing needs of our residents, who get to choose the items they need when staying in our shelters.

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