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Dear Friend,

I am happy to tell you a group of friends has offered to match your next gift to Hope Gospel Mission, $1 for $1, to help Chippewa Valley’s homeless.

If you give $15, they will also give $15, for a total of $30

Likewise, if you give $20, they will give $20, for a total of $40. But this matching gift is only good through August 16th!

Together, you will be providing twice as much help for people in need.

This is a wonderful opportunity — please take advantage of it! You will provide the meals, shelter and care our residents need to recover and build a new life.

You are also part of drawing people into the deep and wonderful relationship Jesus offers with Himself. We see lives change beautifully and forever in His gracious care.

Thank you for your partnership.


Sandi Polzin
Executive Director

P.S. Please return your gift by August 16th to take advantage of the matching funds, or give online here. These extra funds will give us a real boost to help Chippewa Valley’s homeless.

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