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Encourage our residents this Christmas

Share the hope of Christ this Christmas!

 Before Amber came to Hope Gospel Mission, she was driving around with her dad and little sister searching for a place to live. She found a room here and decided to stay to build a solid foundation for the future. Today, she’s attending classes and leaning on the One who loves her most.

 “As I’ve gone through the program, my eyes have opened. God does exist. He loves me, and I’m learning that prayer is really powerful. This place really does rebuild and restore lives,” Amber smiles. “The support here helps people get better.” 

 As Christmas arrives, we want to make sure that our doors are open to Amber and other hurting neighbors like her.  Just as Christ’s birth brought tremendous joy to the world, the support of caring partners like you brings great comfort to these friends. 

 Will you help encourage our residents this December?  Please give online today, and help us care for Amber and many others like her this Christmas.

 Please give now, and share the joy of the season with everyone who comes to us for help. Merry Christmas!


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