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The Bargain Center's new donation centerOur Donation Center is Now Open!

Thanks to the support of our many donors and prayer partners, we're introducing our brand new Donation Center, located at the Bargain Center!

Join us on Friday, June 20 at 11:00 am for a ribbon cutting at 2511 Moholt Drive in Eau Claire. Festivities last until 8:00 pm and include special sales, giveaways, drawings, and free pizza.

Why a new Donation Center?

This new center replaces our old donation intake area and is a huge improvement for the following reasons:

  • More room to sort donations, improving efficiency and number of donations we can process in a day. This also means that donations are less prone to being ruined by rain or snow as we have more room to keep them indoors.
  • Cleaner look -- no more donations piled up on the sidewalk.
  • Faster and easier for you to drop off your donations.
  • Staff and volunteers no longer have to stand outdoors at all times to endure frigid winters or hot, humid summers.

How your donations to the Bargain Center make a difference:

  • Hundreds of thousands of pounds of materials recycled or re-used every year instead of going to a landfill.
  • Profits from the sale of donations provide funding for Hope Gospel Mission's homes and programs to help people struggling with deep and difficult issues of homelssness, joblessness, addictions, and other issues.

How Hope Gospel Mission Impacts Our Community

Thanks to your support, Hope Gospel Mission provides the following help to people in need in the Chippewa Valley:

  • Job training,
  • Clothing,
  • Shelter,
  • Food,
  • Educational training,
  • Computer training,
  • Addiction recovery help,
  • Spiritual help,
  • Financial guidance and direction,

Lives are being rebuilt from nothing because of you. Thanks for your support!

For a list of items the Bargain Center accepts, click here.
For a list of items we take for a fee, click here.
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