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Photo of woman doing drugsRebekah's Story

“I remember thinking that it was normal.”

Rebekah’s story is anything but normal. Her victory over drugs is a miracle. Rebekah is now a resident at Hope Gospel Mission, walking in freedom from addiction—a drastic change from the life she once thought was normal. 

Rebekah grew up in a broken home. Her mother left when Rebekah was only seven years old; her father was a drinker. She continued to have broken relationships in the next season of her life. She married and then divorced an alcoholic. The troubles of life led her to explore Vicodin. 

These drugs were a way to numb the feelings and escape the life she was living. Before long Rebekah, “couldn’t stop and didn’t want to.” The drugs became her new normal. For a time, she was still functioning, but before long the drugs became her only priority. 

Eventually she lost her house, was forced to allow others to raise her children and was without a home. 

Her drug abuse escalated to prescription drugs, then to heroin. The result was hopelessness. As Rebekah’s friend once told her, “It doesn’t matter how much you got. It doesn’t make you happy anymore.” 

However, Rebekah’s story took a turn. An intervention was done for her and Rebekah’s friend took her to the L.E. Phillips Center for a seven day drug detoxification. On her seventh day she had nowhere to turn, but knew she could not go back to her hometown, back to the life she once knew. 

When her social worker mentioned Hope Gospel Mission, Rebekah decided to give Hope a try. Now, over 260 days later, she is a renewed woman. She has found the joy of the Lord. Hope Gospel has given her a place to be restored.

Rebekah is in our long-term programming and is making excellent progress after years of addictions and no hope.

This is the type of life-change your gifts, prayers, and support can help provide.

There are many ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of men and women like Rebekah. Click here to get started. 

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