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Great news!

A group of compassionate individuals and businesses has made a generous challenge to the Mission out of their concern for those in desperate need of shelter, food, education, and job skills.

These friends of the Mission have pledged $25,000 to match every gift dollar for dollar when received by June 30 with a Matching Gift Voucher. This means that your gift today will be doubled in value!

By donating to this Matching Gift Challenge, your gift of…

$25 will become $50 to provide food & clothing.
$50 will become $100 to shelter the homeless.
$75 will become $150 to provide job training & more.

This amazing opportunity allows your compassion to reach farther to help more people who need it so desperately, like Sarah (name changed for privacy):

Sarah had abusers in her life. She came to the Mission with a fear of people, crowded places, and an alcohol addiction. Sarah hadn’t left her house for the past 20 years in fear that people would know what she had done, even though she was the victim. Sarah had no self-esteem. During the past few months, Sarah has managed to forgive all her abusers except for one, which she is still working on. Since forgiving others, Sarah has made a huge step forward with the Lord’s strength. Sarah went to the mall for the first time in 20 years. Sarah continues to memorize scripture to help with her fears. She still needs medication for her anxiety; however, she is dealing with the root cause of her issue and looks forward to quitting her medication and overcoming her anxiety.

This is the type of life-change your gifts are providing. Just enter the amount you wish to give when you're on our secure donation page here.

Thank you in advance for helping rescue, rebuild, and renew lives.

Joyfully serving with you,


Sandi Polzin

Executive Director

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